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Default Cabana Chat

  • Bryan Callen ... Pool Boy (6 appearances)

    Orlando Jones ... Dexter St. Croix (6 appearances)

    Mary Scheer ... Dixie Wexworth (11 appearances)


    Mary Scheer plays young-looking, elderly woman Dixie Wetsworth who hosts the talk show Cabana Chat. Dixie openly admits that she has had a lot of plastic surgery to look the way she does. Dixie welcomes a special guest each week. Orlando Jones plays Dexter, Cabana Chat's homosexual musical director and Bryan Callen plays Dixie's unintelligent and scantily-clad co-host Pool Boy, whose middle name is Todd.


    202 Cabana Chat: Ice-T (Ice-T-himself)
    Dixie welcomes musician/actor Ice-T.

    204 Cabana Chat: Jack Wagner (Jack Wagner-himself)
    Dixie welcomes actor Jack Wagner.

    207 Cabana Chat: Joe Rogan (Joe Rogan-himself)
    Dixie welcomes comedian/actor Joe Rogan.

    209 Cabana Chat: Harry Connick Jr. (Harry Connick Jr.-himself)
    Dixie welcomes musician Harry Connick, Jr.

    212 Cabana Chat: Rodney Dangerfield (Rodney Dangerfield-himself)
    Dixie welcomes comedian/actor Rodney Dangerfield.

    216 Cabana Chat: Pauly Shore (Pauly Shore-himself)
    Dixie welcomes comedian/actor Paul Shore.

    302 Cabana Chat: Salt N Pepa (Dixie only) (Salt N Pepa-themselves, Aries-James Brown Jr.)
    Dixie welcomes musical group Salt N Pepa and watches audition tapes for anew pool boy.

    311 Cabana Chat: Howie Long (Dixie only) (Howie Long-himself, Aries-James Brown Jr.)
    Dixie welcomes athlete Howie Long.

    312 Cabana Chat: Pam Grier (Dixie only) (Pam Grier-herself, Aries-James Brown Jr.)
    Dixie welcomes actress Pam Grier.

    318 Cabana Chat: Phyllis Diller (Dixie only) (Phyllis Diller-herself, Aries-James Brown Jr.)
    Dixie welcomes comedian Phyllis Diller, the original host of Cabana Chat.

    320 Cabana Chat: Anna Nicole Smith (Dixie only) (Anna Nicole Smith-herself, Aries-James Brown Jr.)
    Dixie welcomes model Anna Nicole Smith.

  • "You like? I like!" - Dixie Wetsworth
  • "This has been Cabana Chat, and this AHH AHH AHHHHHH is Dixie Wetsworth!" - Dixie Wetsworth
  • "MOISTURE!" - Dixie Wetsworth


  • This was Bryan, Orlando, and Mary's most recurring sketch.

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