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Default Bible Dude

  • Michael McDonald ... Bible Dude: Matthew Isaiah Leviticus (5 appearances)

    Theme Song

    Bible Dude, Bible Dude. Gets you into a praying mood. He can soar, through the air. Like the Red Sea he parts his hair. Look out, here comes the Bible Dude!


    Bible Dude is a PAX television program about a Christian superhero who stops people from sinning by zapping them. Bible Dude's full name is Matthew Isaiah Leviticus. He receives assignments from his boss, Jesus Christ.


    804 Bible Dude: Teen Party (Mo, Bobby, Ron)
    Bible Dude confronts teenagers about teen partying and teen drinking.

    810 Bible Dude: Greed During Christmas (Frank- Caleb, Mo, Stephnie- Leah, Debra)
    Bible Dude confronts a young man named Caleb, who is upset over the color of sweater vest he received as a gift.

    901 Bible Dude Takes on Illegal Music Downloading (Ike, Frank, Bobby, Josh, Ron, Paul)
    Bible Dude confronts teenagers about downloading music illegally.

    1011 Bible Dude: Teen Pop Music (Ron- Choir Boy, Bobby- Satan, Nicole- Hilary Duff (voice only), Stephnie- Rachel, Ike- Sampson, Daniele, Paul)
    With the help of Choir Boy, Bible dude stops 4 teens from listening to Hilary Duff's music, and exposes the evil lyrics that summon Satan when the cd is played backwards.

    1022 Bible Dude: Video Games (Nicole- Ester, Paul- Joshua, Bobby- Isaiah, Ike- Bowez)
    Bible Dude intervenes as a rebellious teenage boy plays a "Rugrats" video game without his parents' permission.

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