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Default Antonia Timmens

  • Nicole Sullivan ... Antonia Timmens (18 appearances)


    Nicole Sullivan plays Antonia Timmens, an unintelligent and confused young woman whose incompetence annoys various people in various jobs.


    202 Antonia: Free Pizza (Phil)
    Antonia works writing signs for a pizza parlor, but her incompetence angers her boss.

    216 Antonia: Trainee (Phil)
    Antonia works as a trainee at a fast food restaurant, but her incompetence angers her boss.

    216 Lowered Expectations: Antonia (Phil)
    Antonia submits a video to a dating service.

    304 Antonia: Word Association (Phil)
    Antonia takes a word association test at a psychiatrist's office.

    305 Lowered Expectations: Antonia, [thread=3787]Antonia & James[/url] (Phil) (Phil, Aries-James Brown Jr.)
    Antonia submits another video to a dating service.
    Antonia and James Bown Jr. go on a crime spree.

    311 Antonia: Xmas (Alex, Phil-Santa)
    Antonia pays Santa a visit at the mall.

    315 Antonia: Suicide Hotline (Phil)
    Antonia works answering phones at a suicide hotline.

    317 Swantonia: Gimmee a Clue! (Alex-Ms. Bunny Swan, Chris-Sterling, Phil-Roger, Mark Hamill-Kip)
    Antonia competes against Ms. Swan on a game show.

    323 Antonia: Airport (Phil-Joe, Aries-Ray, Debra-Marie)
    Antonia tries to safely land a plane.

    325 Antonia: Heart Attack (Phil)
    When learning how to become a blackjack dealer, Antonia saves a man from dying of a heart attack.

    406 Stuart: Halloween (Mo-Doreen Larkin, Michael- Stuart Larkin, Debra)
    After Stuart goes trick-or-treating, Antonia does the same.

    408 Antonia: Switched at Birth (Alex)
    Antonia delivers babies in a maternity ward.

    414 Antonia: Super Bowl Coin Toss #1-3 (Andrew, Will)
    Antonia tosses the coin at the Superbowl.

    415 Antonia: Perfume
    Antonia does a perfume commercial.

    509 Antonia: Pottery (Pat)
    Antonia takes a pottery class.

    525 Antonia: Guard (Pat)
    Antonia annoys a British guard.

    613 Antonia: Help Wanted (Alex)
    Antonia is hired to write help wanted signs.

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