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Default Andy Kessler

  • Pat Kilbane ... Andy Kessler (3 appearances)


    Pat Kilbane plays Andy Kessler, MADtv's "executive producer" who annoys guest stars backstage.


    506 Illeana Douglas Runner #1, 4, 5 (Illeana Douglas- herself, 5:Aries- himself)
    Andy Kessler annoys special guest star Illeana Douglas backstage.

    516 Regis Runner #1, 3, 4 (Regis Philbin- himself)
    Andy Kessler annoys special guest star Regis Philbin backstage.

    523 Open: Susan Sarandon/Susan Sarandon Tag (Susan Sarandon- herself)
    Andy Kessler informs special guest star Susan Sarandon that she has been made a MADtv castmember, against her own will. Later, he tells her that she will have to be let go because he wants Kathie Lee Gifford as a castmember instead.

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