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Default Bon Qui Qui

  • Anjelah Johnson (5 Appearances)


    Bon Qui Qui is a Latina King Burger cashier who has very little tolerance or patience for people. She is often rude, and threatens to cut people if they mess with her.


    1308 Bon Qui Qui at King Burger (Crista, Bobby, Michael- Mr. Williams, Arden, Keegan- Deward)
    Bon Qui Qui rudely takes customers orders at King Burger

    1500 The MADtv 20th Anniversary Special (Nicole R- Herself, Debra- Herself, Stephnie- Herself, Will- Himself, Alex- Herself, Nicole S- Herself, Mo- Herself, Phil- Himself, Aries- Kanye West)
    Bon Qui Qui accepts the award for "Fan Fav MADtv Character".

    1506 Open: Bon Qui Qui Returns (Piotr- Himself, Carlie- Herself), Bon Qui Qui: Queen of King Burger (Lyric- Beth, Adam- Mr. Fry Cook Hooper, Piotr- Male Customer, Jeremy- Hype Man, Carlie- Female Customer), Bon Qui Qui: Homegirl Seccurity
    Bon Qui Qui returns to the MADtv stage, returns to her old stomping grounds of King Burger, and starts her own security company Homegirl Saccurity.


    "Don't Interrupt!"


    "I will cut you!"


  • Bon Qui Qui is a very unique character in terms of MADtv, because Anjelah Johnson had the foresight to retain the rights to the character so that she can use it without MADtv and Warner Bros. permission.

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