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Saw a bunch of seemingly random movies recently:

True Grit - Fantastic writing and characters. I found this to be one of the funnier Coen Brother movies recently, but at the same time it had just enough seriousness and "grit" to it to make me uneasy about labeling it a comedy. I thankfully went into it not knowing the plot. The gist is that a young girl tags along with a US martial to bring to justice the man who kills her father. One would think the whole kid angle would get tiresome quickly but the Coen brothers deftly managed her character to be compelling with none of the annoying-precocious-kid drawbacks. Watch it.

Wall Street (the original) - Silly 80s trash. I suspect Wall Street guys looked at this movie like how I look at computer/hacker movies: annoyance at all the hand-wavy nonsense. Not good.

Glengarry Glen Ross - Did a decent enough job at developing sleazy salespeople characters but it wasn't really a great movie. Sorry, David Mamet. Summary: a bunch of real estate agents yell "fuck you" at eachother for an hour and a half.

Pandorum - Something goes wrong in a hyper-sleep chamber as some giant spaceship takes the remaining DNA from a ruined earth to some other planet for colonization. People start going crazy. Chock-full of "loud noises" cheap scares. It sorta reminded me of Sunshine if Sunshine were a much worse movie.

The Chaser - Korean movie about a pimp who accidentally discovers that serial killer is murdering random women in this small town. The movie looked nice but the pacing was weird, it went on a bit too long and like most Korean movies, it will probably depress the shit out of you when you're done.

The Good, The Bad, The Weird - It's a Kim-Chi Western (I'm coining that phrase, don't copy me) set in Manchuria. It's a pretty slick and fun reinterpretation of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with some really excellent gunplay and a really cool aesthatic. Definitely worth watching.

Dogville - I might be jumping the gun a tad but this movie might have just become one of my favorites in recent years. The entire (nearly 3-hour) film takes place on this almost bare set, wth floor plans, street names, etc etched out on the ground (but the characters don't acknowledge it). The story involves a small town trying to protect Nicole Kidman's character who is on the run from the Mafia. The movie gets really dark about halfway in. The storytelling more than makes up for any misgivings you may have about the gimmicky set design. Evidently a bunch of people got mad when this came out in Cannes in 2003 because they felt like it was Anti-American. Good to see that even at a forward-thinking film festival, there are still asshole Americans who want to discredit a really great film when they feel their country's moral righteousness is being impugned. Feh.


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