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Last night I saw Come and See, a Russian film about the goings on between the Belarussian SSR and the Nazi occupation. It was really weird but incredibly moving. Most of it plays out like a psychological art film, lots of odd pacing, staring into the camera, etc, really odd and haunting audio, etc. The atrocities that went on were really devastating near the end and the whole thing ended up being a pretty searing indictment on human cruelty. Worth watching.

I also saw In the Line of Fire. In it, Clint Eastwood is secret service agent trying to prevent this psychopath, played by John Malkovich, from assassinating the president. I'm kind of baffled at how this film got nominated for 3 Academy Awards. Malkovich was fun to watch but overall the whole thing was pretty cheesy, run of the mill, and not really worth watching.


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