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I got home kinda late and this was on replay, so I checked it out, because I have on occasion, laughed at Aziz Ansari. But apparently, he wasn't really hosting, because Tom Cruise commandeered the show in his never-ending quest to be likable.

Originally Posted by tvmanismadformad View Post
I haven't seen Tropic Thunder where I've heard he's from (mostly because my parents said it was just terrible), but I thought that this was a very interesting character.
I loved Tropic Thunder, but on a serious note, WHO LISTENS TO THEIR PARENTS ABOUT COMEDIES?
Les Grossman, in the movie, was ok, cause it was like, 20 minutes, at most altogether. This was an abortion and annoying and he interrupted Ed Helms doing the Tiger Lullaby and that honestly should have been nominated for an Oscar. But I digress...

How many times did the F-bomb drop during this show?
Holy shit. I curse a lot, but damn. It's like, the only way they can get through to the tween/teen demographic or something now?

Also, remember when movies like Pulp Fiction won Best Movie?
WTF is Twilight? I've never seen it, but I know it's so popular and made a shitload of money, so that lead actress should stop acting like a sullen **** and thank her vapid fans. How ungrateful.

Sandra Bullock wins a BS award because her husband fucked a nazi.

Zach Galifianakis was smart and didn't show up.

It was horrible and I'm ashamed I even saw it. Aziz wasn't even funny, because all he did was stupid parodies for MTV to put online. Here's my final point:
You don't need to constantly curse, yell, or say dumb shit to be funny.
And WTF is Twilight?

I think I just turned 40.

It's all fun and games until someone gets punched in the throat.
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