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I find it adds to the experience too much. I mean, if a movies 2 hours long, and things are jumping out at you when you don't expect it, it gets a little annoying after a while. Also, if you decide like halfway through that you don't want to watch the movie in 3D, you can't just take the glasses off because then you're watching the movie with all these destorted problems.

I do like it though that they are making the whole movie 3D now. I got so pissed off when they would tell you that only part of the movie was in 3D, and that most of it was in 2D., so you had to put the glasses on and off over and over again. It was like a really crappy Simon Says.

Speaking of 3D, I saw a preview of the new 3D television at the Panasonic pavilion at the Olympics here, and all I can say is, save your money. You can bearly notice the 3D (at least I couldn't), and you still have to wear the glasses.


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