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Default Funny People

(I haven't made a movie thread in awhile, i'm bored, let's do this.)
Just saw Funny People, which if you've seen the trailer, you know is about a jaded comedian George Simmons (Sandler) that is faced with news that he is heading towards death. He picks up a young budding stand-up (Rogen) to be his assistant and then (like all people with a new lease on life) goes after "the one that got away."

So, I was wary of this movie at the teaser. It looked mostly "cute" and I was pissed they sort of give away a big part of the movie. But Judd Apatow usually does good stuff so I shelled out my $12.
I was really disappointed by this movie. It was good enough, and then after George learns he has gotten better, the movie gets way too "dramady."

I feel like Adam Sandler played himself here. Kinda self-hating guy that does shitty movies now that he's famous. I liked that they used his actual clips/material tho. Judd Apatow has a wicked case of nepotism, and I never cared much for Leslie Mann. She's not that good at acting, and I know people say she's funny, but when your husband writes your lines, of course you'll look good. The kids weren't helping either. Seth Rogen was easily the best part. (Also maybe Eminem) He stole the scenes from Sandler.

This movie is long, and I think I may have liked it a bit more if they didn't tell you the whole plot in the trailer.

Also, the "as his/herself" cameos got a bit heavy-handed.

Funny People
146 min
Rated R
Stars: Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann

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