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I saw this movie when it came out, but I kept forgetting to say anything. I guess I'll say it now.

This is just one of many movies in which I have seen the sequel, but not the original. It was good, but that was really only due to the Michael Bay Explosions. As for the plot, there were a lot of holes. Like why did the deception who was disguised as the woman, get out of the car when Bumblebee sprayed her? Why did Wheelie all of a sudden disappear once they arrive in Egypt? Why is Megan Fox considers so hot even though she has no special hot qualities? So many questions. Also, it ended really badly. I mean, did Optimus kill the Fallen, or did he just beat him up, and why didn't he kill off the other robots? They were still there after he killed the guy.

Well I guess were getting to a time in Hollywood that if you can execute great special effects, you can forget about the story.


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