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Default Parents Television Council

This site just cracks me up. They have ratings of all different kinds of tv shows, and basically if the show even mentions the word sex it's considered not good for anyone under 18.

The best part about the site is that it has a Best and Worst shows of the Week section (on the right hand side) that says what the best and worst shows of the week are, and reading someone going nuts on something like the Golden Globes. However, the funniest part of these have to be that they have a clip of the episode right on the page. It's basically like they're saying "In one scene, the man took the woman, ripped off all her clothes, and had sextual intercourse with her on the park bench, which you can see on the right, but be warned, it is VERY GRAPHIC!"

Along with the Best Worst, it also has reviews of many shows. One example of a funniest review is for the show Scrubs. Because of one scene in which J.D pictures himself in bed with Elliot, and another woman that was shown in the shows 2nd episode the show is rated not suitable for anyone under 18. I think the problem is not that the scene had a sextual scene with the women, but that it featured 2 women, which is sort of lesbian like, which is wrong in their minds.

It's quite a comical site, and a funny read if any of you have the time.


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