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Default Carol and Jill

  • Arden Myrin ... Carol (3 Appearances)

  • Crista Flanagan ... Jill (3 Appearances)

  • Johnny Sanchez ... Edward (2 Appearances)


    Carol and Jill are two women who run a show through there cottage. Carol is not attracted to Jill, despite what fan letters ask, and Jill is secretly saddened by the fact. Carol does not know that Jill is a lesbian and takes her kisses and clinginess as being "affectionate". Edward who's wife died the year earlier owns the local cake shop down the street from the cabin, and is always bringing over his strawberry cakes in order to get close to Carol, which causes Jill to do things like burn down his truck in order to keep him away.


    1406 Cottage Life with Carol and Jill #1-2 (Matt)
    Edward comes over with his cake and when he is just about to get close to Carol, Jill sets fire to his car. When a fire fighter comes by to put out the fire, Jill burns down the fire truck when he gets to close to Carol.

    1415 Cottage Life with Carol and Jill
    Edward hides a wedding ring in the cottage for Carol to find, but Jill finds it first and proposes to Carol. Carol says yes and they make out in front of the crushed Edward.


  • "She's so affectionate" - Carol


  • In the first appearance, Keegan can be heard laughing out loud at the sketch from the audience.

  • The cabins look drastically changed from the first and third appearance.

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