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Big chocolate schlong.
You can't top a schlong.
Got a schlong? You're in luck.
The schlong sign means, happy motoring.
When it absolutely, positively has to be schlong over night.
Doing it right before your schlong.
My anti-drug is schlong.
The schlong for all ages.
Grab life by the schlong.
Make room for the schlong. (LOL) It goes on and on.
Get the schlong out.
I like the schlong in you.
A glass and a half in every schlong. Rofl.
Feel the raw naked schlong of the road.
Schlong, the other white meat.

Your flexible fist.
Ding-dong, fist calling.
Vaginal- Australian for beer.

Gives a meal, dump-appeal.
Get in her, or get out.
Young man, there's no need to feel in her.
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