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Default Caress


Caress is a prostitute on the street. In the beginning she would help out Britney the Disney Girl with auditions, but has since become more of a character on her own. Her legs are her prize posession and she excersises by running from the police.


1111 Wonderfully Normal Day (Nicole- Britney the Disney Girl, Ike- Pete, Jordan- Jose, Daniele- Police Officer)
Disney Girl runs into Caress at a street corner

1215 Disney Girl: Adult Film Audition (Nicole- Britney the Disney Girl, Ike- Pete, Jordan- Jose, Frank)
Disney Girl meets up with Caress to read lines. Caress gives the Disney Girl som acting tips, and a little "something" to relieve her stress.

1302: MADtv: Best of TV Show Parodies (Jeff Probst)
Caress hosts a best of TV show parodies show with the host of Survivor Jeff Probst.

1401: The Hills New Roommate #3-4 (Nicole P.- Lauren Conrad, Crista- Lo Bosworth)
Caress auditions to be Lauren and Lo's new roommate on the Hills.

1416: Coach Hines: Judgement Day #2 (Erica, Eric- Darnell, Lauren, Keegan- Sandoval "Coach Hines" Hines/Sandoval Heinz, Eugene Struthers, Bobby- Terry "Yaminashi" Yaminashi, Ed Bassmaster, Arden, Matt, Michelle Oyler)
Caress runs into Eugene Struthers, who is reading an article about Sandoval Heinz's reclaiming of his multi-billion doller fortune.

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