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I saw the movie a few days ago, and it was good, but the problems I had with it was that the story was too long, too complicated, and distorted the truth. I don't know if it's the fact that I didn't see the first movie (if this makes my points moot, sorry) but it seemed so complicated with different mob groups, and traveling to Hong Kong (which I was confused about because that made me think where is Gothem City) and two-face to go along with it. I thought the movie was over when Joker was captured by the soon to be commishoner guy (whatever his name was). I would have liked it if they had kept two-face for the next move. When I went in I didn't even know two face was in this one. Also, if Jokers going to jail, won't he break out again like he did before? When I entered I though Katie Homes played Rachael in the first movie. If she did then why did they bring the character back with a different actress just to kill her off half way through? Also, the backstory by what I know was completely changed. I though Jokers face got like that when a bullet hit him in the mouth that severed his muscles in that part of his face in a fight with Batman, and he fell in toxic stuff to give him his face from the first Batman movie. That one was interesting, and made him more of a villain. In this one he's just a freak who's father cut his mouth into a smile. There is a difference between toxic goo and just a few cuts. Two-faces origins were wrong due to the fact that I know that it was acid that caused his face to burn off, but the change there was actually better I felt. The reason why Batman didn't want to be a hero was so stupid. I didn't get it at all?

As for the acting, I didn't like Chrisitian Bale. His voice as Batman was so hoarse that I wanted to say get a cough drop. Heath Ledger as Joker was good, but I hate these people who think that he deserves an Oscar for the role. If he was still alive I guarentee no one would be saying this (I'm not going to go over now how I am not sad about his death). Aaron Eckhart should have been saved for the next movie. His role just made the movie too long (P.S. Was he still breathing when he was said to be dead?).

I know this is long, and not very well written, but it's hard for me to really separate everything I am thinking. Overall it was still a good movie, but I probably wouldn't have felt this way if it wasn't for the fact that it was too long.


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