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Default Larry Fellner

  • Michael McDonald ... Larry Fellner (5 appearances)


    Michael McDonald plays Larry Felner, a man obsessed with celebrities. He hates to hear any negativity towards famous people, and despises celebrity name mashups. Although people don't believe that he knows anyone famous, Larry has connections, and writes to his favorites every day.


    1111 Celebrity Obsessed (Keegan- Bill, Daniele- Stacy, Crista- Trish, Jordan- Richard, Nicole P- Britney Spears, Ike- Kevin Federline)
    Larry gets mad at his employees for making fun of controvercial celebrities. When they all leave for lunch, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline come by the office to thank him for his support.

    1201 Celebrity Obsessed: Movie Theatre (Jordan, Nicole RJ, Frank, Ike, Keegan, Crista, Arden)
    Larry, now working at a movie theatre as a snack vendor, gets into arguements with patrons about Johnny Depp, and Kate Hudson.

    1206 Celebrity Obsessed: Larry in Love (Nicole P- Carrie, Ike, Frank, Crista, Keegan, Arden)
    Larry gets in arguements with people at the movies, when he finds his true love, Carrie. A woman who is as obsessed with celebrities and bad movies as he is.

    1215 Larry Oscar Madness #1-2 (Crista, Arden, Jordan, Lisa, Ike, Frank)
    Larry is now working at a video store, and gets mad at the people who mock the movies nominated for the Academy Awards.

    1219 Larry Fellner: Comedy is Not Dead (Nicole P, Keegan, Crista, Jordan)
    Larry takes a class on how to write a primetime television comedy.


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