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Olive Garden-Hilarious as hell, especially when they kept making fun of Paul's black girlfriend. The whole thing was freaking funny.

Kobe Bryant- Funny, predictable but funny.

Boy Meets Goy- OMG this was just too funny for words, the whole Michael throwing a fit thing was just too freakin funny.

QVC! THE BEST SKETCH OF THE NIGHT! I have never laughed so hard in my entire life, I even woke up my neice, OMG! Stephnie and Gillian were just hella freakin funny, and Mo was just hilarious, I loved that whole "junk in my trunk" deal at the end, the insults were just freaking funny, I actually had tears from laughing so much.

Sean- Very funny, he seems to be a sort of Rusty-ten years from now when he realizes how worthless he has become type of character, it was a bit long but I enjoyed it.

I didn't get the whole Affleck thing but it was short enough to make it funny.

Therapy session with Don Cheadle just freaking cracked me up, it was so great I can't even put it into words how funny it was, all three of them did a good job.

The one and only bad thing was the Encore. Ok first of all 2 encores in 2 weeks. MAD GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, ENCORES IN MODERATION AND PRE SEASON 7 PREFERABLY. It wasn't funny the second time around

MAD AT THE EMMY'S- Mo and Paul didn't seem comfortable with each other and the jokes seemed really forced. It was still hella funny when they put Mo's name up on the screen like she was being interviewed and when Paul called her name she like did this thing with her finger......Hella Freaking Funny! Then them rolling on the ground at the end......I also loved it when Mo said she was gonna punch Paul if he mentioned his coat one more time.

STUPID FRIENDS CAST BASTARDS! at least have enough freaking courtesy to talk to them, although I have to admit Mo screaming seemed a tad bit creepy and had just a smidge of desperation.

BUT AT LEAST STOP TO TALK TO THEM.......I give Courteney Cox some credit for at least stopping for a few seconds seeing's how MAD had her freakish hubby on the show back in season 5.

Over all I give this episode a 9/10.

I'd like to see them try and top this one.

BTW, When are we gonna see Nicole Parker and Jordan Peele??????
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