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I never saw the original, but if you see this before tonight's show, can you post what really happened? What was she freaking out about? The spoof looks hilarious!
Basically Andra (the girl that Michael plays in the sketch) convinced her best friend James to come on this new gay dating show, Boy Meets Boy, for Bravo which they thought would be a high class network. They knew that there would be subtle twists to the game, but what they didn't know was that many of the guys were actually straight and just playing the game to win money.

Each week they had to vote off 3 people until they got down to a final 3. There are subtle twists throughout the game, but towards the end they finally reveal to him the secret. He tells his friend and she explodes. She throws a fit, running out of the room screaming and cussing. She's basically hysterical saying "Why did this have to happen to me?" That is what MADtv is spoofing if that makes any sense.

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