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Went to another taping tonight! So here's a bit of info on the sketches to look forward to. I think I got all of them! I always amaze myself after typing these up because I'm so surprised I remembered all of them...

And my less-interesting personal experience is here, too.

So, the sketches are separated by the live ones and the playbacks. First listed are the characters (and I put a ? next to character names I wasn't completely sure of because I don't always pick them up) and then there's a short summary where I did my best not to give away any punch lines or jokes.

Edit: red = already aired


Jordan Peele
Keegan-Michael Key
Daniele Gaither
Nicole Randall-Johnson

This is an opening to a show, I think. Jordan comes out and tells everyone that it's Black History Month and wants to talk a bit about it, but he tells all the non-black people to not listen. He then has Keegan, Daniele, and Nicole (who are all dressed in black and are wearing sunglasses and hats, trying to disguise themselves) take over the cameras and then Jordan's attitude completely changes and he tells everyone about how they're all uneducated about blacks and he gives everyone a little lesson about it.

Bobby Lee
Arden Myrin

Another opening. Bobby and Arden say come out in roller skates and say that they're on that show Skating with Celebrities and they try doing one of their routines but it doesn't work out and they keep messing up and falling down.

Jillian Barberie - Arden Myrin
James Brown - Jordan Peele
Terry Bradshaw - Frank Caliendo
Howie Long - Ike Barinholtz
Jimmy Johnson - Frank Caeti
Terrell - Keegan-Michael Key

It's the last Fox NFL Sunday show of the year, I believe, so the guys are basically telling Jillian how much they love her, and a guy named Terrell is into Jillian and tries to bring her off alone with him and ends up getting beaten up by the other guys.

Man on phone - Ike Barinholtz
Woman on other line - Nicole Randall-Johnson

Ike is caling this place to order a Valentine's day present for his girlfriend, but the woman he's talking to is really obnoxious and keeps making him buy more and more and puts him on hold everytime he says something she doesn't like.

Coach Hines - Keegan-Michael Key
"Oliver Twist" - Bobby Lee
"Artsy Badger" - Jordan Peele
"Nancy(?)" - Frank Caeti

Coach Hines is directing the play Oliver Twist and after a rehearsal (I think), he tells everyone how horrible they did and what they have to do to improve.

Jeanne Bice - Nicole Parker
Host - Michael McDonald
Crista Flanagan
Daniele Gaither
Ike Barinholtz

Jeanne is now advertising her crazy Valentine's Day outfits, so it's similar to the Christmas one, but with new jokes and hilarious costumes, of course.

Employee #1 - Crista Flanagan
Employee #2 - Arden Myrin
Employee #3 - Nicole Randall-Johnson
Customer #1 - Ike Barinholtz
Customer #2 - Daniele Gaither
Co-employee - Nicole Parker

There are 3 employees working in a shoe store who are very rude, gossipy, valley-girl types, and they keep saying they're going to do things (like say something "honest" to their customer or co-employee) but they chicken out before they do. But finally they gets the guts to and end up with different results. Crista and Nicole (not sure which Nicole) wrote this! (And the sketch is better than I made it sound - it was hard to explain)

Dr. Phil - Michael McDonald
Boring lady - Crista Flanagan

Dr. Phil is talking to a lady on his show, but she's so incredibly boring that he can't take it anymore, and goes up to the audience and interviews a few of them instead.

Tank - Bobby Lee
Girl - Arden Myrin

Tank is outside where a football game is going to be played, checking out the girls there of course. Tank tries to convince Arden's character to go to a game with her because he tells her he has two tickets to one, but he ends up getting beaten up by her two guy friends and then they steal the tickets.


Bobby Lee as himself
Jaime Pressly as herself

This is an opening. Bobby introduces the guest star Jaime Pressly and starts asking her these question that are totally untrue, just to make the little interview seem more interesting, which makes her mad.

Hilary Duff - Arden Myrin
This is the music video that's playing on Saturday, "Sake Of My Fame" (parody of "Beat Of My Heart") which I'm all sure you've seen clips of by now, with Hilary singing about how skinny she is.

George Dubya - Frank Caliendo
Hilary Clinton - Jaime Pressly

Most of you know of this one too, but yeah, so Dubya makes a list of all the wrong things he's done in his past (witth the list being like a mile long - no surprise hehe). He flashes back to this party he was at where he met this girl but basically lied to her about everything to make her like him better. So he wants to right that wrong.

Michael McDonald
Nicole Parker

This starts out with quotes and clips and suspenseful music showing what looks like a really serious, award-winning movie, but the punch line is at the end, where it shows the title, which totally changes everything.

Steven Cragg
Steven gets together with his friends who are all dads and they have a father-son football game. They start off going easy on the kids, but the kids are really kicking their butts and being obnoxious about it too, so the dads get pissed off and start playing really violently with the kids.

Ike Barinholtz as himself
Michael McDonald as himself
Jordan Peele
Director - Frank Caeti

Ike and Michael are doing a scene and after it, Jordan comes up and talks to them about the censorship on the show and what they can and can't say and do.

Queen Latifah - Nicole Randall-Johnson
Basically making fun of Last Holiday and other movies of Queen Latifah's.


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