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Default Monologue: Mary Scheer (#102)

Mary- herself

(Setting: In front of curtain. Mary is in a gymnastic uniform)
Mary: Hi, I’m Mary Scheer. Uh, this may sound strange, but I’ve always had this weird passion for Korean folk music and gymnastics, and I’ve never had the chance to perform them together in public before. So when the Mad people called, I made it clear that if they wanted me to do their show, they were gonna have to let me do my thing. And guess what? They said ok. So, here goes. (Sings in Korean while waving ribbons around)

[Cut to Commercial]
[Back from Commercial break]

Mary: Aaaaaaahhhhh. (Mary is waving the ribbons around while mime’s are jugging through a giant ring of fire) Oh, yeah. Thank you, everyone. And thank you, MADtv, for letting me live out my dream on national television.


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