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Default Majik Most

Majik Most is hiphop. This is his new CD. It's called "Oh you got jokes?!"

He's hilarious. You will laugh at these songs and skits. His humor is alot like mad tv's humor.

please don't ban me for posting a d/l link

I'm just trying to contribute!

01. What I'm About
02. Hearin' Voices
03. Ashy Elbows
04. Bananas feat. Laws
05. The Tonight Show
06. Father Son Picnic (Skit) feat. Louis Logic
07. Back on the Map feat. Celph Titled & Dutchmassive
08. Nature Boy (Abusin' Animals)
09. Get In My Van
10. Barbeque Sauce
11. 45 King Interlude feat. J-Zone
12. Nothin' But Trouble
13. Wake Up (To Reality)
14. The Majik Most Institute (Skit)
15. Dis-Abilities
16. Cleaning Lady Love
17. The Last Laugh feat. Celph Titled
18. Extravaganza Intro
19. Everyone's a Critic (Remix) feat. Laws
20. Dolphin Trainer (Skit)
21. Gag Reel

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