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Mo said that she was going to guest star in the future, because this is her tv family.

She also mentioned something about doing a couple of King of The Hill eps. She isn't sure when they are gonna air.

Edit: Mo has done a lot of stuff since she left. She gave me a run down so I'll give it to you.

She's taped a tiny part on "Six Feet Under" , UPN's "Girlfriends" , "King of The Hill" and shot a pilot for a show with Caroline Rhea that's titled "Plan B" which is for ABC, and she's writing a one woman show to perform in June.

She also said that She's never met Carol Burnett but SAW her at an awards show and nearly passed out. She idolizes Carol and dreams of working with her.

OH and Matt.......she wanted me to tell you that the sharpie mark STILL hasn't washed off yet (kidding of course), and that she'll look for you at next years festival. with your big book, and chains.....

Thats it for now........Off to see my mommy

I would rather sit here and accomplish nothing than accomplish something and be considered an inspiration and a role model simply because I use a wheelchair to get around.

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