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Default Episode #715

Talcum X
This was short, sharp and overall a good parody. Thumbs up.

Show Open with Stone Cold Steve Austin
This was ok, Stone Colds singing wasnt the best, but Aries was good so it wasnt that much of a waste.

Fightin' Ron and Stone Cold Steve Austin
I usually find this character dull and repetitive but this sketch was pretty good.

Schoolhouse Rock: Interjection
This was great i liked this, a funny little segment.

Jiminy Incorrect
This was good the impressions were generally pretty funny and Martin Short's addition to the sketch made it worthwhile.

Family Feud with the Austins
This wasnt too bad either at least it concentrated a bit more on both families than just Louie Anderson.

Ms. Swan - She Look Like a Man
This was ok, not great stuff but not entirely bad either.

All-new Push-up Machine with Stone Cold Steve Austin
This was quite good as well, Will's Stone Cold impression was pretty much dead on and it was funny how the Tony Little (Stone Cold) guy's new machine was just a board with hand prints to do press ups on.

This was a suprisingly good episode, best of the season so far. They actually used the celebrity guest in more than just an interview or one off appearance, plus there was no musical guests or an encore which is always good.

*All sketch names appear courtesy of Mysteres Episode Guide

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