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Default Planet MADtv Site History

A page for the past looks of the very site that you are on now. The history will go through 4 areas. Front page, forum page, thread page, and profile page. If a closer look is wanted just go to the page button at the right hand corner of your computer and increase the zoom. It will be easier to read but the words will still be a little blury.


*Except for the front page, the forum, profile and threads remain the same. The class system (super moderator, contributing editor) were added in this year.

*The front page, and profiles remains the same as before.

*In 2005 all of the features of the site remain the same.

*The difference with the front page is that the Direct Download feature which allowed you to download sketches of the day and full episodes was removed due to complants by involved parties in the show. New features were added to the forum page. Profiles were unretrievable, and the top of the forum page was also unretrievable.

*2007 is an odd year for the site because for the first half of the year the site is the same as the year before, but the later half the site goes through a dramatic change and tries to get settled into this groove. Working images were hard to find but the updated version can be seen in 2008.


*In 2009, due to the end of MADtv in May, the site needed to rebrand itself as more of an overall sketch comedy site. Therefore, most of the MADtv threads were merged into one section, the shows rival Saturday Night Live was givin a section, and the site's name was changed to Planet MADtv, under a .info. The sites design changed constently throughout the year, so this is not the exact page look throughout the year.

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