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Default Music from MADtv

Cypress Hill - U Cant Get the Best of Me (Live on MadTv)

Snoop Dogg - Whats My Name (Live MadTv)

Nelly - Ride With Me (Live MadTv)

Doggys Angels, Dj Jam & Snoop Dogg - Baby If You're Ready (Live MadTv)

Cypress Hill - Rock Superstar (Live MadTv)

Nelly - Country Grammer (Live MadTv)



Keep Posin' - (Limp Bizkit) - MadTv

George W. Bush - Country Slammer (Nelly) - MadTv

Wrong Song (Sisqo) - MadTv

Movies - (Madonna) - MadTv

MRS JACKSON - (Outkast) - MadTv
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