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Default New Cast Photos (Season 14)

After seeing the new pictures at the side, I decided that I want to comment on them. I would also like to hear all of your suggestion. Do it or else!

Matt: He looks different every time I see him. He looks skinnier in that picture.

Crista: She looks so cute.

Keegan: Good pic.

Bobby: He actually looks good in that picture. Like he is ready to take his role as the longest serving cast member on staff.

Arden: Kind of looks the same as the last picture.

Nicole: Auburn hair. I know this may sound lame but, she's aw burnin me away! She looks fiery, hot, and powerful:kiss:!

Johnny: I forgot he had a picture there. Let me make that last sentence clear, I forgot he had a picture there!

Erica: Looks good.

Eric: Good pic.

Lauren: Best picture. She looks much better than I have seen. I look at her like a firecracker. I don't know what to expect!


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