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Originally Posted by cartman2002 View Post
Did the producers just found out that MADtv is getting cancelled by Fox
cartnam, read my signature please.

So I finally got to meet Frank, shooked his hand and told him I was from PlanetMADtv. He said great things about PlanetMADtv, and how its soo cool that this forum exist, dedicated to MADtv. So I was about to take a picture with him, but he said something that kinda stunned me. He said that as a castmember, he wasn’t really allowed to participate in the forum. Instead of taking a picture with Frank, I just stood there thinking to myself "why?" It’s probably not a big deal, but I think it’s a shame because I think the hardcore dedicated MADtv fans here like Rurry, Cagnazzo, the Moderators, etc deserve at least something, and having Frank here is one of the special things that has happen here.
Wooooo TAKE THAT MADFAN2004! But that sucks about Frank not being able to post more here. I would likely blame his busy schedule, or the fact that the producers are just buttmunches.

But you know what really made my day?

The fact they're giving Nicole Parker some good characters! Don't tell me the producers were actually smart enough to realize that Nicole Parker is far too talented to be wasted on (mostly) generic impressions (although in her case, her impressions are hardly 'generic') and the occasional one-off performance?? I think they deserve a cookie for coming to that conclusion.

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