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Show Open: Season 12 Episode Finale: (Crista, Jordan, Ike, Nicole RJ,)
Crista and Jordan announces the last episode of MADtv. Suddenly, Crista is crying, and secrets are revealed 4/5

The last episode of MADtv?! I HOPE you mean the last ep of S12...

Anyway, the rest is cool, that's weird about the cast member thing. I like that I got a mention under "hardcore MADtv fans" I'm VERY glad to hear they're recurring Tori McLacheon, more recurring characters for Nicole. (take THAT "NICOLE HAS NO CHARACTERZZZZZ" people ). It also gives me hope she'll be back next year.

A MADtv taping truly seems like an awesome experience, and I wish I didn't live cross-country so I could go to one. So, are you planning to attend the first S13 taping?


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