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Exclamation Last MADtv Taping Report: 2/23/07 8:30 pm

MADtv LIVE TAPING 2/23/07 8:30 PM

This is the last live taping for Season 12
I heard something about May 19th, and I'm guessing thats when the last episode of season 12 is airing.

Reminder: Skits done in one live taping are shown in different episodes.

Live Skits Performed (Note: The skits are done 2 times. The second take is little different. Both takes are edited together later to produce the final product.

Coach Hines: High School Prom (Keegan- Coach Hines, Nicole RJ- Ms. Debbit,
Bobby- Yaminoshi)
  • Coach Hines is the chaperone for the high school prom. The students secretly add booze into the punch bowl which Coach Hines is drinking from; surprisingly, his new abnormal behavior begins to take effect. 4/5

Steve Jobs I Products Line-up (Michael- Steve Jobs, Nicole P- Spokeswoman, Crista- Attendee, Jordan- Attendee, Keegan- Attendee)
  • Steve Jobs introduces his new line-up of I products. This one is a classic! I don't want to spoil it for you guys. 5/5
    • I hope they show the bloopers for this. Something went wrong with one of the I products, and it was hilarious!

Joey the Stereotypical Italian Mobster (Frank- Joey, Lisa- Natalie, Michael- Family member, Ike- Family member, Keegan- Psychiatrist)
  • Joey's family brings a psychiatrist over to their house to resolve Joey's cartoony stereotypical Italian Mob personality. 4/5
    • When I saw Frank do his Italian Mob impression, I was laughing my ass OFF!!! The look on his face was priceless. It was soo funny that Lisa had trouble with her line and started laughing. Tickle me Emo returns with a Italian mob accent

Tori McLachlan Performs for Fair View High School Students (Nicole P- Tori McLachlan, Arden- Herself)
  • Tori McLachlan sings about her experiences in high school. 3/5

Show Open: Season 12 Episode Finale: (Crista, Jordan, Ike, Nicole RJ,)
  • Crista and Jordan announces the last episode of Season 12 MADtv. Suddenly, Crista is crying, and secrets are revealed 4/5

Show End: Season 12 Episode Finale Casting Bow (Crista, Arden, Bobby, Nicole P, Nicole RJ, Michael, Jordan, Keegan, Frank) I did not see Lisa Donovan anywhere; I think the wall was blocking my view of her.
  • The show ends with the whole cast and Michael telling everyone how great the season was and that the cast, writers, and production crew never ever get bored of bringing us MADTv.
    • I don't know if they show this when the credits are rolling, but you can see Frank grabbing Jordan's extra petite nipples from behind, while Ike is on the other end, kissing Jordon's lips ahahahahaha
    • The cast does another bow for the MADtv taping audience which is not shown on tv. What was really cool about it was when Ike opens the wine bottle and the whole castmembers gather to have a toast, it felt like they were a family. I dunno I can't describe was a happy bye bye ending .

Pre-released Video Skits (Note: These video skits were done outside/prior to the Live Taping and are shown to the audience first before it becomes broadcast on TV)

The Ballad of Yao Ming (Bobby- Yao Ming, Jordan- Guitarist)
  • A song about Yao Ming dominating other NBA players. 4/5
    • To make Bobby look tall and big, little kids were dressed up as NBA players.

E.R & Famous (Nicole P- Kathy Griffin, Keegan- Snoop Dogg, Ike- Doctor, Lisa Donovan- Kelly Prickler, Nicole RJ- ?, Crista- Doctor, Frank Caeti- Injured Patient)
  • There are 3 parts for this. 3/5

My friend Pat had a birthday gift for Crista, and he was worried it might not get to her. So he sees Arden sitting 1 seat away from him, and he writes her a note about Crista's gift, and she refuses to read it. Pretty sad...but I think it was a misunderstanding.

I want to thank Mr. Caeti for making the best MADtv experience ever. From all the tapings I went, this is definitly the best one. The funny thing is..I PMed Frank here, and he agreed that after the taping I can get a picture with him.

So the night after the taping, I got Frank's attention by yelling his name, and the audience were looking at me like wtf? So he's walking toward my way, and I'm guessing he's coming to me, and all of a sudden there's a mad rush of people trying to get his picture and signature. Now, I dunno if i triggered this rush because usually after the taping, the castmembers just scatter to the dressing rooms, and the audience coordinators force everybody to leave immediately. I wanted to talk to Frank a little bit about PlanetMADtv, so I just sat down and waited for everybody to finish their thing with him.

In the mean time, my friend Pat finds Crista and he successfully delivers the gift to her. It was hilarious because the gift was really big, and when my friend handed it to her, the people who were trying to get her signature were in shocked. Their face was like this " " and it got quiet for a while...ahahah it was priceless!

So I finally got to meet Frank, shooked his hand and told him I was from PlanetMADtv. He said great things about PlanetMADtv, and how its soo cool that this forum exist, dedicated to MADtv. So I was about to take a picture with him, but he said something that kinda stunned me. He said that as a castmember, he wasn’t really allowed to participate in the forum. Instead of taking a picture with Frank, I just stood there thinking to myself "why?" It’s probably not a big deal, but I think it’s a shame because I think the hardcore dedicated MADtv fans here like Rurry, Cagnazzo, the Moderators, MADFAN2004, Cartman2002, Tarzapam, the people who created this site, deserve at least something for being GREAT MADTv fans, and having Frank here is one of the special things that has happen here.

I notice a lot of people who attend the tapings know little about MADtv, and they are the ones always trying to do annoying Stuart impressions, “Look what I can do!”. These people get free MADtv t-shirts, dvds, hats, and scripts, which I have no problem with. Before the taping, I was planing to create a custom PlanetMADtv T-shirt and get it signed by Frank and Crista, then have a contest in this forum, and give it away to one lucky forum member, but I didn’t have enough time to create the shirt. (sorry guys )

At the end, I couldn't get a picture with Frank, but its all good. Meeting him in person was good enough for me. So yeah..this was my last taping, and I'll probably won't go anymore. It's been a really fun experience, and I hope you guys enjoyed my report

Friend's Dvd signed by Crista and Frank

Wa wa wee wa!

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