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Originally Posted by caeti View Post
At this time I would like to decline any nominations for awards. But thank you.

MADtvpwnsSNL-I am not a big tv star, I am a late night sketch comedian, there's a huge difference. I'm a paycheck away from unemployment and rehab.

I hope you don't think I am picking on you, I am doing my best to give an inside perspective. I have a degree in Rhetoric, so I always appreciate intellectual discourse. And for the record, I do care what you think, I love where I work and the opportunity I have.

BTW, we have this week off, so I have more time on my hands than usual, hence my replies. Also, I'm on edge because I'm nervous about the Bears in the Superbowl.
That's great that you're able to talk to us more.

Anyway, do you know when Lisa Donovan's first episode will be? And will she be a featured cast member or a full-time cast member?

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