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Like last week, this episode had good sketches inside of a mediocre episode.

Snow White: Nicole Parker is a genious. She needs to be used in every sketch. I can't say enough about her. The sketch was hilarious.

Jovan: Show me this character once a season, and I'll be fine. Other than that, I don't want to see him.

Bush 1-3: I'm sick of seeing Frank do George W, and this season is the worst with it. Give me something else, Frank.

Celebrity Guy: This was the best sketch of the night, Michael was great. He reminded me a little of Sean and Rusty, but it was all good. And must the audience continue to cheer for him at his every appearance?

Red Carpet: Worst Red Carpet ever. It's sad that we see most of the same celebrities every time.

CYE: I haven't seen many episodes, so I can't really judge the sketch in terms of a parody, but it had it's moments. Michael's Larry David was Marvin-y, I agree.

Krumpin: This sketch is like the Supersticious Knights; same thing every time. They dance, Jordan hits Crista, the end. Although it's funny and good, I think it'll be overplayed.

Cragg: Better than most Cragg sketches. The Keegan bits were funny, but why was Daniele not included in this?

Madden: Sick of Madden, but it had it's moments.

Next week is a repeat of 1104.
Two weeks from now we get Arden as Hilary.
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