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Post Episode S12E22 (Aired 2007-05-19)

Season-Ending Cliffhangers
Jordan Peele opens the show and tells everyone that it is the last episode of the season and that MADtv will not have any cliffhangers or reveals to end the season. Jordan then turns to Crista Flanagan next to him who is crying. Crista then tells Jordan that she is pregnant with one of the cast memberís babies and says that she can't reveal whose baby it is until the paternity test comes back next season. Ike Barinholtz then comes running in bloody and screaming saying that he killed a cast member in a fit of rage and due to the injuries they will not know who it is until next season. Frank Caeti then comes in and says that there is something under the stage and he is going to look for it next season. When Jordan says that he has had enough, Nicole Randall Johnson comes in and says that isn't something the real Jordan would say. Crista then demands to know where Jordan is, before a voice over goes through all there situations and says all will be revealed next season on MADtv.

Credits: Jordan Peele (himself), Crista Flanagan (herself), Ike Barinholtz (Himself), Frank Caeti (Himself), Nicole Randall Johnson (herself)

Blind Kung Fu Master vs. Galvadahl
The evil wizard Galvadahl (Keegan-Michael Key) is looking for the Necklace of Omnipotence, and with the capture of the princess Myleen (Arden Myrin) he is now closer. When the princess tells Galvadahl of a warrior that will come to save her, the Blind King Fu Master (Bobby Lee) enters with the necklace, but falls down the spiral staircase. He then pulls out what he believes to be a sword to defeat Galvadahl but in truth is a Swiffer Duster. He then uses the necklace to become invisible, but it doesn't work, and he just makes a fool out of himself. When he realizes that he is not invisible he uses his staff to attack him, but instead attacks the princess. When she says she is a woman he goes to inspect and starts feeling her up. Before he can get down her shirt, Galvadahl stops him saying that he is creeping him out. The princess then tells the Blind Kung Fu Master to just throw the necklace into the lava. Galvadahl does nothing to stop him as he is sure he will never find it, but as he gets closer, fear strikes Galvadahl and he runs to stop him, but it is too late. The Blind Kung Fu Master drops the necklace in and Galvadahl melts away.

Credits: Keegan-Michael Key (Galvadahl), Arden Myrin (Myleen), Bobby Lee (the Blind Kung Fu Master)

King Henry: Fast Food
King Henry (Michael McDonald) is now working at Burger King so he can have some extra spending money. When the manager (Ike Barinholtz) says he is going for a smoke, Henry's friend Jennifer (Nicole Parker) offers to do food prep, Henry thinks it is hilarious that women would get to use knifes. When Jennifer reminds him that women can do anything men can do these days, the manager says that they still can't write their own name in snow with their own pee. Henry gets a chuckle out of that and the manager tells Henry to cut the chicken up by the time he gets back or he will be in trouble. He then tells Henry that his papers didn't go through so he cannot be paid for the work he has been doing. Henry then cuts off the managerís arm. When he puts Henry on probation, Henry cuts off his other arm. The manager then moves it up to fired before dying. Henry and Jennifer now have to get rid of the body. The next scene shows a customer (Frank Caeti) eating a burger with fingers sticking out. When he asks what's in the special sauce, Henry says that if he told him, he would have to kill him.

Credits: Keegan-Michael Key (customer #1), Michael McDonald (King Henry), Nicole Parker (Jennifer), Ike Barinholtz (Weekend Part Time Assistant Manager), Frank Caeti (customer #2)

Coach Hines: High School Prom #1
Coach Hines (Keegan-Michael Key) is chaperoning the high school dance. Another teacher Ms. David (Nicole Randall Johnson) is also chaperoning. As Coach Hines talks to her, he starts downing the punch next to him unknowing that it has been spiked. As she tells Coach Hines stories about her youth he is slowly becoming attracted to her as he continues to drink. She is surprised by this as the only time Coach Hines has ever talked to her was when she parked in his space and he said that she was going to strip her skin off and wear it as a "lady skin" for Halloween. When he goes over to the dj floor where Yaminashi (Bobby Lee) is djing, he trips on the step due to the fact that he is drunk. He then gets mad at Yaminashi and then starts to hug Yaminashi and tell everyone that he loves them. He then tells Yaminashi to play a good song that he is going to dedicate to his new wife Ms. Davis. After dancing he does a stage dive off the platform and passes out on the floor.

Credits: Nicole Randall Johnson (Ms. Davis), Bobby Lee (Joseph Yaminashi), Keegan-Michael Key (Coach Hines Sandebal)

Church Roast
A church decides to put on a roast, but they need to do it to someone who can take it, so they decide to roast Jesus Christ. Reverend Paul (Fred Willard) steps up and makes fun of Ms. Detriech (Nicole Parker), a worker for the church, and then makes fun of the cooks in the kitchen because of their heavy pancakes. He then introduces John Lavender (Keegan-Michael Key) a supply worker for a lumber shop. He comes up and says that if Jesus was alive today he would be a frequent customer due to the fact that he was a carpenter. He then says that in Jesus's honour, all lumber and nails will be 20% off. Reverend Paul then introduces father Kevin Fitzpatrick who is surprised to see a rabbi at the ceremony. Not because it's a roast of Jesus but because it costs $1.50 to get in. When Paul comes up and tells Kevin to stop picking on the Jews, they start roasting each other with Kevin saying that the commandment thou shall not covet thy neighbours wife includes Ms. Detriech, and how Paul asked for the Junior High Swim Team Calendar, and Paul saying that the commandment also includes the neighbours son and how Kevin's church is gay because every other man kneels. They then bring out the celebrity roaster Dane Cook (Ike Barinholtz) who says that if he was Jesus, he would do miracles that people like banana splits and smote his enemies. He then makes everyone his MySpace friends and leaves. Reverend Paul then says that they will be roasting Adam and Eve next week so everyone should come naked, and ashamed of their bodies.

Credits: Michael McDonald (Kevin Fitzpatrick), Nicole Parker (Gwen Detriech), Fred Willard (Paul), Keegan-Michael Key (John Lavender), Ike Barinholtz (Dane Cook)

Tori McLachlan: Graduation Song
Arden Myrin brings up a bunch of graduating students for a song by Tori McLachlan who tells them of how life is going to be outside of high school which includes being broke, hung over, and that they should just live off their mom and dad. She then sings of banging frat boys and roommates who practice wicca. Tori then focuses on the valedictorian in the group and says that even with all her potential, she will most likely be spending her days eating lean pockets and watching Will and Grace. She then ends by saying that they will all lose their jobs at Kinko's and move back with mom and dad again like she did.

Credits: Arden Myrin (Herself), Nicole Parker (Tori McLachlan), Emily Wilson (High School Graduate)

I Shouldn't be Alive
Survivors Wyatt Gasser (Michael McDonald), and Isaiah Franks (Keegan-Michael Key) tell their story about how they were caught in a landslide. The event is captivating but there is an even more captivating story about the reenactment as while shooting it the reenacters were caught in a landslide and were forced to eat the camera crew. The event was so bad that it influenced a re-re-enactment, but once again, tragedy struck as the crew was attacked by a cougar. In an ironic twist the re-re-re-enactors for the event were Wyatt and Isaiah who took the job because they thought it was safe due to the fact that it was all done in a studio. They fell into another horrible accident as while filming they were struck by stage object. Wyatt and Isaiah were then married months later, and no longer do re-enactments.

Credits: Michael McDonald (Wyatt Gasser), Keegan-Michael Key (Isaiah Franks), Jordan Peele (Jamar Toso), Frank Caeti (Chance Jakabowski), Nicole Randall Johnson (Rubin Laprise), Ike Barinholtz (Reenactor)

Astroman vs. Killbrain the Fury: Car Dealership
Astroman (Ike Barinholtz) is looking for a new car when the salesman (Frank Caeti) he is talking to begins to choke. It is revealed to just be acid reflux, but it comes from Astroman's nemesis Killbrane the Fury (Jordan Peele). Kilbrane says that he will eventually be able to cause heart attacks. When Astroman asks why Killbrane would kill one of his own salesman he says it's because they work on commission. As Astroman gets into the car and turns it on, Killbrane makes the car go berserk. When he gets out of the car the dealership owner (Bobby Lee) asks Killbrane if he has a sale, when Astroman interrupts him saying that they don't because he forgot that he can fly. The owner fires Killbrane and says that even though he is fired he still has applications at Barns and Nobel, Urban Outfitters, and Cinn-a-bon.

Credits: Frank Caeti (Car Salesman), Bobby Lee (Dealership Owner), Ike Barinholtz (Astroman), Jordan Peele (Killbrane the Fury)

Celebrity Pets: Kim Jong-Il's Dog, Kim-Jong Gae *Claymation*
Kim Jong-Il's dog (Bobby Lee) tells the world that Kim Jong-Il isn't that bad because even though he treats his people like animals he is an animal and he has 20 rooms all to himself. When the interviewer asks why he has so much security he says that it's because he is head of the navy, and internal security. He then says that if the people didn't love him then why would they have parades in his honour? As he stops to lick himself the guards walk away and the people try to eat him.

Crafty Gals: Video Store 2
Crafty Gals Denise (Crista Flanagan) and Kendra (Arden Myrin) set up a booth at the video store again with the most of the money they make going to girls without boyfriends. The movie Epic Movie is playing in the store and they are laughing about it with Terrance (Jordan Peele) an employee at the movie. They try to sell Terrance things like toilet paper covers and boom boxes with Biggie and Tupac on it. Terrance then asks if they can get to know each other better, which reminds Kendra of the time she and Denise lesed out on each other. Terrance wants to recreate that moment in the Rob Schneider isle. When Kendra asks what will happen when someone sees them, he tells her not to worry because it is the Rob Schneider isle.

Credits: Crista Flanagan (Denise), Arden Myrin (Kendra), Jordan Peele (Terrance)

Coach Hines: High School Prom #2
Coach Hines (Keegan-Michael Key) is threatening to take a student, put him on a slab, and do something to him involving a chain saw, chase his torso less legs around with a lawnmower and launch his eyelids in a bottle rocket.

Credits: Keegan-Michael Key (Coach Hines Sandebal), Bobby Lee (Joseph Yaminashi)


  • Ike Barinholtz (4A/1S/0W/0AF)
  • Frank Caeti (4A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Crista Flanagan (1A/1S/0W/0AF)
  • Nicole Randall Johnson (2A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Keegan-Michael Key (4A/2S/0W/0AF)
  • Bobby Lee (3A/1S/0W/0AF)
  • Michael McDonald (2A/1S/1W/0AF)
  • Arden Myrin (1A/1S/0W/0AF)
  • Nicole Parker (2A/1S/1W/0AF)
  • Jordan Peele (3A/1S/0W/0AF)

Guest Starring:
  • Fred Willard (0A/1S/1W/0AF)

Special Appearances
  • Emily Wilson (1A/0S/0W/0AF)


  • (A)cting Credits
  • (S)tarring Credits
  • (W)riting Credits
  • Non-Speaking Credits
  • (A)rchival (F)ootage Credits

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