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wow really? Cuase I couldn't tell...Choppy's soooo short!

OH! And someone posted somewhere else that even though Josh is gone, they're still doing the boys of A&E!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I'm MORE than happy to hear Ron's not gay, and even more happy to hear he might be single...

I swear I read somewhere that's he's 28, but u guys are saying he's only 26? That would be closer to my age, lol.

I've looked on the MAD TV site, but I the only email I found was a general one, not anything for the individual actors. I'd love to write to him and tell him that THIS Clay Aiken fan is very impressed with his impersonation!!

And thanks for all the info, u guys reallly rock!


Quotes of the Moment:

Mr. Brightling to Ron:
"You pasty face, 4 eyes, stripped-shirt, spiky-haired, modern, fem-metrosexual MALE!!"
Wow, how'd he know??
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