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Default Artie Lange's Radio show get cancelled.

Suprise news from radioland. Artie Lange's radio show called the "Artie Lange Show" has been cancelled.

It was maybe not surprising news to hear since at last count only a handful of radio stations were airing it air all.

The show had good moments which included interviews with various comedians from the New York/New Jersey area, Classic Rockers including former Eagle Don Felder, Former Kiss member Ace Frehley on the eve of the group getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

and various former actors former various sketch comedy shows including Tommy Davidson (In Living Colour), Darrell Hammond (SNL, who made various guest spots on the show) and a few MADtv members including Pablo Francisco, Michael McDonald and a couple of times Orlando Jones.

This is a bit of a surprise since he just came back on the air after nearly dying from a diabetic shock while on the road in Michigan.

I hope he will get better and find work pretty soon.

here are some clips from the series

Pablo Francisco

Michael McDonald

Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones #2
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