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Given that I've been forced into taking each and every one of Nem's offerings since the game last resumed, I figured I'd leave this one for someone else. Clearly, that wasn't the right move. In any event, I'll go with a marginal "hit it" on Brenda. I have a feeling she wouldn't hold up to further scrutiny, but this particular image works well enough for me.

Here we have Jessica Marais in character as Denna, the dreaded Mord-Sith (read: dominatrix with a magic wand) from Legend of the Seeker:

Not my usual cup of tea, but after seeing that episode, I'd be *more* than willing to let her control me. Specifically, the speed of my pelvis as I thrust in and out, in and out, bringing her to earth-shattering orgasm after earth-shattering orgasm. But what say you? Hit it or quit it?

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