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I've never actually heard the Hamburger Helper mascot speak. I guess they were really running low on the budget for guest stars, hm?

I wish Bobby was given the chance to be in a GENERIC role. Y'know, not even the red carpet events, because I bet they only place him on the red carpet because they almost never use bobby in the sketches themselves, unless they need somebody to get beat up. Perhaps that's why he gains so much applause, because he RARELY appears in some episodes, if any times.

The way they use Bobby kind of feeds into the whole "i hate bobby he sux" idea. I think he has potential but he isn't given the chance. Instead, he has to play recurring roles like blind kung fu master and bae sung. I know frank caliendo almost always comes on doing impressions but that's his talent, whereas Bobby' I'm at a loss of words here.
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