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I taped the episode and am watching it now as I type this. I might not make a lot of sense with this review....but I'm sure my bad spelling and sentence fragments will be a bit understandable.

Water Polo- I laughed a lot. the puddle they played in was really funny. The speedos were.... almost funny.Keegans face when he was falling the pool was priceless, i was laughing very loud. I enjoyed this.

Intro- Kinda scary. I thought Jordan was Lorenz at first but the conspiracy idea is creepy.... Ice Cube for President!!!

Lillian Verner- Another guest host but Simian was funy at the start. Jeff was funny and the slave thing was funny too. Keegan with the smurf and microphone was great too. I like the ventriloquist thing too. And the giant is back. I didn't expect to recognize the character contestants. The microphone thing is still funny. The redneck bobble heads were good buzzers. I wonder if Simian's balloon was supposed to pop. He seemed scared. I think Frank is the voice for Jeff Foxworthy. The giant's snot grossed me out. Another good sketch. I'm pleased.

Fighting People- "Kick it don't grab it" haha this was funny and also when he knelt down. This is really different and funny I really like it. Happy ending too This was a nice suprise for the season. A great one off sketch (so far). It didn't go overboard or run too long.

Ike and Bobby Date: I like when cast members are themselves. The asian brother joke was funny. As well as the asian bad driving joke. Also the asian american Idol joke. (I'm not being sarcastic either. I really thought they were funny) Ike and Bobby were really obnoxious. Once again Christa kicked Bobby's ass. I think they make a good duo. This was really funny overall. So far this is a good episode.

Krumpin': I really like Alyson Hannigan. I also really like Krumpin' so I may be biased. I like the concept of this one and the monologues were really good. The dancing is pretty much always the same but it's still making me laugh. Nippy loved Big Momma's House 2 . Alyson was awesome with her Krump. I think I enjoy watching guys get hurt by women....

(wow another Laguna Biotch.. Sweet)

George Bush: George Bush is good at spanish . Memoirs of a Geisha joke was good. I think Frank said Bobby was like Anime... if so, that was funny lol. Frank seems to really like being infront of a live crowd. He was really good in this sketch. I think I might try to learn Canadian-Afgani now.

Whole Nuva Level: I can't remember the first one too well but I think it was very similar to this one. Survivor actually did take TV to a whole nuva level... creepy. This character is annoying funny. Like its funny because of how annoying he is. This could get annoying after a while. I like Jovan better. The Lost joke was great though.

Olympics: Wow an Encore! I've never seen this one so I'm quite excited... I'm suprised they didn't credit Jimmy and Adam in the opening credits. They were really funny though. I'm not sure when this was made but I'd assume it was a while ago because Bobby is playing a woman... and its an olympic sketch so... 2002. I'm good at math .

Closing: Wow Ardne got to close. Neat! Just a normal closing though....

I liked this episode a lot. A few really good original sketches so therefore, CrazyNutCase is WRONG!!
Nicole Randall Johnson was mentioned in the opening but I didn't see her and its too bad Frank Caeti wasn't in this one but it was still a good episode I think.

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