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Originally Posted by crushonmary View Post
Like the gospel world's biggest closet case, Donnie McClurkin (gospel singer.) He "was" gay as a teen, and was "cured of homosexuality though prayer."
He's now on a mission to, quote,"rid the world of those [gays] who continue to kill our children." This is coming from a GOSPEL singer.

You know what? Here.

Knock ya' self out.

Those kinds of people should really worry about "curing" other types of people, people who TRULY are a danger to children such as murderers, child molesters, thiefs, rapists, drug pushers.

Those are the people who are truly bad for kids.....but I know no one will even think about "curing" those people because they'll say that people who take that path in life didn't "choose" to be murderes, and molestors and thiefs and drug pushers...

instead they'll continue to say that homosexuals are evil because they "chose" to be that way.

I would rather sit here and accomplish nothing than accomplish something and be considered an inspiration and a role model simply because I use a wheelchair to get around.
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