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Default The Hollywood Minute

  • Amir K ... Alli Nazim Zabed (2 Appearances)

    Adam Ray ... Sayid (2 Appearances)

    Piotr Michael ... Rashayard (2 Appearances)


    Alli Nazim Zabed the #1 actor in Iran, hosts a talk show called The Hollywood Minute. On the show Zabed, his co-host Sayid and his mute band leader Rashayard interview celebrities and usually end up annoying the celebrities by insulting them, and showing bootleg versions of their movies and tv shows made by themselves.


    1503 The Hollywood Minute (Lyric- Viola Davis)
    The Hollywood Minute interviews Viola Davis.

    1508 The Hollywood Minute: Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lopez (Carlie- Kristen Stewart, Michelle- Jennifer Lopez, Jeremy- Lopez's Security Guard)
    The Hollywood Minute interviews Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lopez.

  • "Hello, I am Alli Nazim Zabed the #1 actor in all of Iran, and this is The Hollywood Minute!"

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