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*Audience boos!*

Okay and u know what, u can all kiss my butt!

*Audience laughs*

Okaayyy, my name is Mad Dog, and i've been sent here yet again to present the award for "Best Female Character". I know, I've appeared on stage more times than anyone else. My appartment is being sprayed and I need some cash to stay in motel this evening. I once again thank Matt for letting me sit on his knee to get the job.
*Audience cheers*
Yup just what I thought, a bunch of pre-pubecent alcohalic teens cheering for something they'll never get any of. Can we get a spot light on those people. The Barenaked Ladies: oops, didn't mean to center u out. but heck it's the most media attention you've got since 1994. Interesting band name. since you're the barenaked LADIES, when you get married, let me know who wins the coin toss to be the husband.
*Security pulls curtain tapping foot on floor*
Okay i can take a hint I'll just read the winner

The nominees for Best Female Character are...

Ms Swan (Alex Borstein)
Bunifa (Debra Wilson)
Dixie Wetsworth (Mary Scheer)
Lorraine (Mo Collins)
Vancome Lady (Nicole Sullivan)

and the MADtv Oscar goes to.............

The Vancome Lady by Nicole Sullivan!!!

And here to accept the award is the Vancome Lady....

VL:Ttcha, u know what? uh uh!
MD:Here's your trophy your highness (runs off stage)
VL:Christmas on a cracker, think of all the people I had to sleep with to win this one eh'. The presenter did a good job say before the show was planned but look at her dress. I thought the $2 whore look was out? Maybe it was just me....And what about those to male presenters? The chances of seeing them again on stage are the same as Vanilla Ice in public! In other words, as likely as a Crossroads sequel! Yup a bunch of unempolyed Canadians: gee they won't blend in! And then there's the host. What's with that, the company runng this thing is so cheap they couldn't even afford Anne Heche? Can't get much cheaper than that....
*Giant hook yanks winner off stage* A monitor shows presenters having nervous breakdown offstage. Cut to commercial.

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