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*madislove comes on stage smoking pot* well, it's great to sponsor the Carny Time Hotel and Casino, a subsidiary of the Gambino Olive Oil and Cheese Importing Company and Tacahito Entertainment; how may I help you? i'm madislove and... heh... stick a fork in me, i'm baked! is that a big huge hippo sitting over there? oh wait no, that's just oprah wearing a jumpsuit. let's not hope that that spandex breaks lady, or you'll be having some cracks like i have.
*loud sounds of disgust from crowd*
oh people, i'm not being racial, i'm just racin cause my body's on drugs... like rosie o'donnell is on anti-depressants. *rim shot from next performing band, Blink 182*
guess these guys have been clean lately... havent seen this band since sunday when i had my championships in scranton... got so drunk in the room that i jumped in the pool with my clothes on and when i woke up, i was in the hot tub with this dollar whore naked... woo, what a night that was...
*britney spears' breast implant flies out, hits speaker and lands on madislove's head*
speaking of head, hey that hooker was great... *stands up, throws up on beyonce's afro*
wow, i havent seen an afro that big since mini-me got lost in justin timberlake's curls!
*madislove gets shot in neck with tranquilizer dart, security drags off stage*

woman computer voice: and the nominees for best satire sketch are…

Halloween Spooktacular Serial Killer
Fast Food Order
Xmas Toy Horse
Midnight Golfer

the winner is Xmas Toy Horse!

props go out to david herman for that sketch. unfortunately, he couldn't make it tonight because he has no career. but i guess you can remember the good times, even if season 8 is good thus far.

Here we are today.
You look so beautiful I wonder what you dream.
So graceful in what you say
Its all I need to hear your voice everyday.

I wish never to wake up from this dream I’m in right now.
Here I am watching clouds from your bedroom window
As we’re laying here.

And I wake up today
Still smiling in the air.
Wish dreams could be so great.
-early november