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Computer Voice: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome HiVolt.

*Applause* (Mad Dog walks onto stage)

Ttchaa, you know what, uh uh. Hi thankyou for the applause once again,HiVolt couldn't make it tonight, his corpse was found in a bathroom stall after the seat fell and he bled to death: oops! A collection of Play Girl magazines were also found at the scene. I joke, i joke. I've been sent here in his replacement to present the award for "Best Commercial Parody". But first, lets see who else is in the audience this evening. Oh if we look to the front left, we can see Louis Anderson. Good seat choice sir I see you're having thirds and fourths next to the food cart! Oh my bad it's just Roseanne in a silver dress. I see you've placed your coats on another chair, just who are you saving the seat for? Oh wait, i just got a cue you're wearing your coats. I hope you both turned on your beepers when you backed up to sit down. Some nose insurance for the people behind you may be nice as well.
(screaming heard) Okay, okay, moving on, geez, someone took a cranky pill this morning. No wonder you're divorced!

(security guards march onto stage dragging Mad Dog off)

Computer voice: For Best Commercial Parody, here are the nominees.

Plutonium Christmas Lights
Tee-Hee-Hee Shirts
Once A Year Maxi Pads
Radio Shack

And the award goes to.......

Plutonium Christmas Lights!!!

Congratulations to the winner for the Best Commercial Parody. Spishak deserves this award for an excellent sketch featuring a not so excellent product. Well Done!!!

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