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Lightbulb Best Male Celebrity Impression

Hi, I'm Matt McClure. You may remember me from such boards as "The MADtv Chatter" and "The MADtv Forum" and such educational videos as "The Quickest Path to an Unchapped Johnson is a Well-wrapped Johnson" and "Anal Leakage: A Biography". All scatological humor aside, I've been given the prestigious (*cough* *hack* *die*) honor of presenting this year's award for Best Male Celebrity Impression! When Mad Dog first called and asked me to do the show, I asked her "Why me, Heavy D? I mean, apart from the obvious fact that I'm about to star in my third major motion website, Planet MADtv?"

*pauses for contrived applause*

Shhhhh! You're embarrassing me!

Anyway, the nominees for Best Male Celebrity Impression are...
  • Will Sasso's Bill Clinton
  • Will Sasso's Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Aries Spears' James Brown Jr.
  • Phil LaMarr's Michael Jackson
  • Alex Borstein's Regis Philbin
What a monumental occasion! This is almost *half* as exciting as the dirty videos I'd be watching if I was at home right now! That said, the winner of Best Male -- and I use that term loosely -- Celebrity Impression is... Phil LaMarr's Michael Jackson!

*music plays, audience applauds, presenter runs off with the award causing a catastrophic ruckus*

So long, suckers!