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Default 1st Madtv Academy Awards

Hello and welcome to the 1st Madtv Academy Awards
I'm your host for this event......Tarzapam

*rowdy applause from the audience*

We are here tonight to honour Mad tv sketchs and cast members, past and present
We've had cast members go on with great success
Orlando Jones for example, now starring in Hollywood films with stars like Tom Cruise and Julianne Moore
with success comes failure......Nicole Sullivan for example

*loud boos from the crowd*

Oh come on people
King of queens isn't exactly high rating tv
its the poor mans everybody loves raymond

ok i think thats our cue to go to the first catergory

Our first presenter is.........

*looks at cue machine*


I'm sorry, they haven't told me whose presenting first, but i'm sure they are successful
so give them a nice welcome

*crowd applaudes as the host walks off stage*