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The character of Coach Hines reminds me a lot of a gym teacher I sometimes encountered in the high school weight room. Or teacher was named Mr. Ramjug, and like Coach Hines he had a dark-skinned complexion as well as a balding head and a terrible demeanor towards what he considered unruly student behavior. A friend of mine, Scott used to have him for math class. Scott like many punks and otherwise bored male (and sometimes female) teenagers used to get high during a spare and attend class afterwards. He would sit at the back of class, and at some point in the school year, Ramjug singled him out for inattentiveness. He used to stop his lecture and ask openly of Scott if he was feeling alright, call him names etc. Scott used to make it worse by laughing nervously and answering "no" to any accusation Ramjug made about his general condition.

I remember in the weight room, (which I attended semi-regularily during lunch to get a better grade in gym) that at some point I started encountering Mr. Ramjug there. I didn't have him for any classes, and though my sister had spoken of him before, she'd never had anything bad to say. Anyway, the first thing I noticed about the guy, was that although he was relatively short, thin and harmless-looking, he really liked to push his weight around. He'd boast about stuff often, chide myself and others about things, and generally act like he was a real hero. I seem to recall that he always would usually wear bright blue or green sweats along with a tight t-shirt. And when he saw Scott and I in the hall one afternoon, he never stopped giving me grief about our friendship afterwards. As far as I'm concerned, Coach Hines is a very close representation of Mr. Ramjug.

Is there anyone else out there who also encountered a similar type of teacher in their high school years? I assumed that this might not be a mere coincidence but a more a common occurence perhaps (generally speaking).

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