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Originally posted by HOLYSOCK
Once again, TV exs are only interested in her voice.
I have the same complaint with someone else in that show along with Nicole. Gary Cole (not to be confused with Coleman) is a great actor and all he's done lately is Family Guy and now this. He used to be on one of my favorite shows back 95-96, American Gothic (which of course was cancelled in its first season). He was the best actor on it, yet he's one of the only ones without any new good roles. Most of you might remember him from Office Space with David Herman/Orlando Jones. He was the jerk boss. He was sooooo much better in American Gothic though, I miss it.

Nicole and Gary deserve so much better.

In honor of Family Guy possibly returning...
Security Guard: All right son, we're gonna need those two hams back.
Chris: Huh? I don't have any hams.
Guard: Lift up your shirt, son.
Chris: I need an adult! I need an adult!
Guard: You're not a shoplifter, you're just a fat kid. Sorry about that fatty fat fatty. Hey Tom, he's just a fat kid! Aren't you, fatty? You're just a big ol' fat kid. Here's some chocolate, fatso.
Chris: Thanks!
Lois: Oh, honey, no one thinks you're fat.
Lifeguard: I'm sorry ma'am, you can't park your van on the diving board.
Lois: This is my son!
Lifeguard: Oh. My apologies. Hey Tom! He's not a van, he's just a fat kid!
--Family Guy
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