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Yeah, I saw it too, Nic_N_Mike Fan. What I also noticed is that Nicole does a fairly good job of holding in her own laughter until she turns around to see Christian with his face covered. I mean, yeah, she obviously finds McD's line hilarious; however, it's not until she turns around that she loses it for good. At least that's how it appeared to me; then again, for only the second time in my life, I might actually be wrong. I was wrong about the first time I thought I was wrong, but that's another story.

BTW, considering that I'm a McD fan as well, I refuse to believe that there aren't a few outtakes in which Michael laughs at something Nicole says or does during a sketch. Hope the "MADtv" critters dig some up and issue them on future DVD comps. That way, someone can buy them to give Magic Johnson for "Kwan-zay"...hehehehehehehe.

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