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In Jim Cockhurtz's recent "favorite/least favorite" poll, I mention that Season 2 is the "MADtv" season I consider the best. That being said, the season opener ain't quite up there w/ my very, very faves from this olden-but-golden era in Alfredtown, USA. It's far from a terrible show--please!--but there would be better second-season episodes to follow. (In fact, I plan to review one of the best--208--in just a f**King second, so hold your f**king horses, you f**king f**kers! Oh, f**k, sorry 'bout that.) Still, despite its unevenness, Eppy #201 is still worth a glimpse or ten.

I generally prefer to start with the bad news, so here goes: (1) As much as I hate to admit it, the onscreen apology that appears during the show's opening is straight out of "SNL." The idea was never particularly funny when it was used on NBC's now-nightmare of a show, so tchaaaaaaa, y'know vut? T'ain't all that dadburn funny on "MADtv" either, pardner. (2)"Schizophrenic Jeopardy" sorta fizzles toward the end. I watch this, thinking, "O.K., I get it: they're paranoid schizophrenics. Move on, already!" Sorry, but Applegate's 0-2 at this point. (3) Action Jackson is mistitled; I think that about says it Phil LaMarr's Jackson is dead-on, however, for what that's worth. (4) The "geriatric Snoop Dogg" sketch drags as well, again despite a worthwhile impression from Mr. LaMarr. (Is poor Phil 0-2 now as well? LOL.) (5) "That's My White Mama" was funny the first time I saw it. Second time around, it just seems sorta "been there, done that" for me.

All right, out with the bad, in with the supabad. (That means "good," wisenheimers!) (1) Surprise! "X-News" kicks ass yet again. (2) In addition to "X-News," David Herman also rocks in the "Bob Dole Strong Arm" bit and the "Time Machine" sketch, in which the magical mode of time travel is, of all things, a friggin' bed! (3) For once, I actually sorta laughed at "Spy vs. Spy," whereas I normally just roll my eyes and go, "Whatever! Is Nicole up next?" (4) Interestingly, the show's two best sketches (IMHO), "Peed" and "Funeral," come toward the show's end. Orlando Jones shines in the former as the doubting Thomas (doubting Orlando?) who just can't believe that his friends (ably played by the always dynamic Nic-and-Deb duo) are accusing him of having peed in the kitchen--when, in fact, that's exactly what he's done. In the "Funeral" sketch, Christina Applegate is finally put to good use as the funeral attendee who lip-syncs to her slow-to-catch-on friend across the aisle (Mary Scheer) that she (Applegate) killed the man in the casket. In fact, it's not until Applegate actually walks up to the casket, lifts the corpse, and makes stabbing gestures at it that Scheer finally catches on. (I'd have probably been even slower to catch on--no lie.)

As for rating this baby, I'm stuck somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars out of 5. Is there a 3.75 rating I can give? No, actually, since the show does indeed begin and end strongly (despite the tired "girl in a bikini"'ll see what I mean), I'll go with an official 4/5 rating. As I said, though, future Season 2 eps make the opening show seem, um, sketchy by comparison. (The puns, unfortunately, do oftentimes write themselves.)

Now I gotta shut the f**k up and review Ep 208.

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