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When a * is seen, that means that the sketch was topical at the time, but doesn't make sense to me now. When * is seen, that means the sketch gets an automatic rating for me possibly not getting it.


Opening Line-up: I think this would have been good for the beginning of the season, but now, with the audience already familiar with the cast, it seemed like just a filler opening. The highlight was when Artie mentioned Nicole's Vancome Lady character getting a movie, and then saying "cha, you know what uh uh!

O.J. Video Bloopers: This was one of the funniest sketches of the season. I loved everything in it from O.J running into the air conditioner, to him getting hit in the groin, but the highlight would have to be when he was trying to say that he didn't kill Ron and Nicole without laughing, and then making the cut motion, which only made him laugh more. Apparently by what I've learned, some of this was actually unscripted, like any moment Artie was in the scene.

*Leevis Diaper: Didn't get it, and wasn't that funny.

That's My White Mama 2 #1: I absolutely love That's My White Mama! Mama can break her foot off in my ass anytime! The highlight was when Mrs. Curtis told Shaquana not to smoke, and then she smokes the cigarette and tells her to go get her a carton of menthols.

In Your Ear #1: Kind of funny. The highlight was when James started making fun of her nose in the booth, and she just says it out loud, and doesn't even seem to know what she said.

In Your Ear #2: I'm not that sure if there was a need for a second one of these.

Lethal Talkin': A bit of a stretch for a parody, but it was still ok. I do wish that there could have been more of Danny Glover through.

For Your Files Only-Featuring Claudia Schiffer: This has to be one of the worst guest appearances in show history. It was just so uncreative, and out of place. How and why did they get Claudia Schiffer?! The highlight was Artie as Part Time Job, just because of the funny staple removal mouth.

Spy Vs Spy-Monkey Business **Animation**: This has to be the worst Spy Vs. Spy ever. Why would White Spy take all that time to switch Black Spy, and the monkey's brains. Couldn't he have just chloroformed him, and then killed him right there? Also, he makes the monkey fall out of the tree as Black Spy's body, but while he's doing this, Black Spy in the monkey's brain in going to his safe, cracking it, and stealing his top secret plans. Why didn't he compensate for that?!

Homegirl Surgeons-Featuring Kim Coles: The first appearance of Bunifa Latifah Halifah Shirifa Jackson, but the funniest part was when Ron still had the bullet in him but from one angle, you could see that he was still awake with no anesthetic. He was blinking, and being really calm. Who would be wide awake and calm while they are in surgery getting a bullet removed from their chest? The highlight was when Shakraga Malika Stephanie Jackson and Bunifa Latifah Halifah Shirifa Jackson first walking rhyming. It was funny.

*Leevis-Birthmark: Again, not funny, but Nicole is still hot, even with that birthmark.

Intimidation Commercial: Not side splittingly funny, but funny. The highlight was Bobby, who was so funny, especially when he was getting mad at Leo.

*Leevis-Nuts: Just not good, but I do give the makeup crew credit. I barley even recognized Phil.

Valedictorian: When my commencement was going to be happening a few weeks ago, I actually thought of this sketch. It would be so hilarious if that really happen. The highlight was Nicole, who really took this Stacy role and made it great.

Closing: Typical closing. Nothing really special about it.

That's My White Mama 2 #2: I will obey Mama and stay true to MADtv, because if I don't, she'll break her foot off in my ass. No one beats MAD. No one!

Out of 80 stars, this episode got 48 1/2 stars. That's about a C- rating. Some good sketches, but I feel MADtv may be starting to slip. This episode wasn't really that funny, and it's kind of scary if this is the ideas they have.


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